Talk about bizarre, man accused of licking woman's banged up knee

Martin Soto / Chandler Police Dept.

An Arizona construction worker is accused of taking the phrase, "Licking your wounds", to a whole new, disgusting level. And now he's facing criminal charges.

Chandler Police say last month the victim had just left work and was walking near a construction zone when she tripped, fell and scrapped her knee. According to the police report, three men in a golf cart drove from the construction site and asked her if she needed help. The victim told police that "two of the subjecs drove back towards their job site but a third one did not.

Police say that man was 43 year old Martin Soto. The victim told police that Soto asked her if he could see her knee and without thinking about it, the woman rolled up her jeans, exposing her wounded knee. The victim says as soon as she did that, Soto leaned over and licked her scraped knee.

The woman told police before she could leave Soto also hugged her inappropriately and licked the side of her face. Soto was arrested the next day at the construction site. Police say he admitted to the knee licking but didn't provide a reason why he did it. Soto is out of jail on his own recognizance.

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