Toledoans claim they were wrongly imprisoned after Hurricane Katrina

      New Orleans neighborhoods flooded after Hurricane Katrina in August 2005 / WNWO Newsfile

      Two Toledo tourists imprisoned for a month in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina may be getting a big pay day.

      Paul Kunkel and Robie Wagenfeald were arrested on disorderly conduct charges, just two days before katrina hit in August 2005. They expected to be free within a day but when the New Orleans jail was flooded the guards fled.

      The men were eventually rescued by the National Guard but spent a month in custody while the court system was realigned. They were eventually released without being charged with any crimes.

      They sued claiming they were falsely imprisoned. A Federal jury awarded them more than $650,000 in damage. They had been seeking $1.3 million. But that decision was appealed.

      On Monday, a Federal Appeals Court heard arguments from their lawyers. The judge's did not indicate when they might rule.

      Do you think the men deserve the $650,000? Or do you think they should have been awarded more money? Post your comments below.