Woman, mom, told too fat to fly

Last year, movie maker Kevin Smith was booted from a Southwest Airlines flight for being "too fat" to fit into a single seat...and no additional seats were available.

Now a New York woman and her mother were told they couldn't fly unless they purchased two additional seats.

Kenlie Tiggeman, a 30-year-old political strategist and weight loss blogger in New York City, said it was humiliating in a report out of CBS2 in New York.

Tiggeman and her mother were preparing to board a Southwest flight out of Dallas back around Easter...but when they went to board they were pulled from the line and asked a series of what she says were very personal and rude questions by the gate agent.

I was asked what size clothes, and how much I weigh. I gave answers in front of a gate full of people, some of whom were snickering, Tiggeman said.

Tiggeman, who once weighed 393 pounds, is now down to 268 pounds.

A spokesperson for Southwest Airlines told CBS2 If a passenger cannot fit in a seat with the armrests down, a second seat must be purchased. If the flight is not full, that added charge will be refunded. The extra seat policy varies from airline to airline.

Southwest, which allowed the woman and her mother on a later flight, apologized, refunded their tickets and gave them free vouchers. Tiggeman maintains she actually did fit in a seat on an earlier flight...and didn't expect any problems on the return. She has purchased an extra seat in the past...but since she's lost the weight she says she stopped the practice.

Last year, movie director Kevin Smith, known for his cult hit Clerks, was ejected from a Southwest flight after being told that he didn TMt fit. The airline later apologized.

Do you think she got a raw deal? Do you agree with the "extra seat" policy? Does the airline owe her more than just a few free vouchers?