Ford, Finkbeiner unite against Issue Two

Carty Finkbeiner, Toledo Mayor between 1994-2002 and 2006-2010 / WNWO Newsfile

Two former Toledo mayors and one time political opponents are taking a stand together against Issue Two and current Mayor Mike Bell.

Former mayors Jack Ford and Carty Finkbeiner Thursday will throw their support behind the opposition to Issue Two. That differs from Mayor Bell who has publicly endorsed the measure.

Ford and Finkbeiner claim Senate Bill 5 is an attack on the middle class that hurts the city and threatens the safety of its citizens. Bell says the bill, which restricts collective bargaining rights of state union workers, is needed to help cities stay afloat in the current economic mess.

We'll have much more on what the former mayors say Thursday beginning on WNWO News at 6pm.

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