From plumber to politics, Joe the Congressman?

Wurzelbacher speaking with Mr. Obama

/ WNWO Newsfile

The World's most infamous handyman may be ready to take on Northwest Ohio's most famous congresswoman.

Samual "Joe" Wurzelbacher, who most of you know as "Joe The Plumber", may take a run for congress as a Republican against Democrat Marcy Kaptur next year.

"The question is 'am I going to run or not?' and right now I'm exploring that opportunity." Wurzelbacher said.

Wurzelbacher has filed paperwork with the Federal Election Commission and has formed a congressional campaign comittee for Ohio's 9th Congressional District.

"Joe The Plumber" was thrust into the national spotlight during the 2008 Presidential campaign when he criticized then candidate Obama during a stop in Northwest Ohio.

After that, he campaigned for John McCain and Sarah Palin.