George Sarantou files court challenge

A week and a half after Democrat Carol Contrada's victory in the Lucas County Commissioner election was confirmed by a recount her Republican challenger George Sarantou filed a Contest of Election with the Lucas County Clerk of Courts. A judge has been assigned to the case and a hearing could take place later this week. Sarantou has retained a group of lawyers and election consultants who contend that there are irregularities with the way the Lucas County Board of Elections handled the counting of nearly 4,000 provisional ballots. It was the counting of those provisional ballots that turned Contrada's Election Night deficit into a certified victory on November 22. Sarantou decided to proceed with the court challenge after a series of meetings with his advisers over the weekend. "Over the past month I have stressed that I only wanted an honest and open review of the facts surrounding the provisional ballots issue," Mr. sarantou said. Lucas County Republican Party Chairman Jon Stainbrook who accompanied Mr. Sarantou to the courthouse says Sarantou's supporters are in favor of this unprecedented legal action. "These people have e-mailed us and inundated us with phone calls saying don't give up this fight, we know that George won this election," Mr. Stainbrook said.