Gov. Kasich talks Toledo business

Governor visits Toledo.

Gov. John Kasich gave his take on the state of Ohio business during a stop in Toledo on Monday. The governor came to the Glass City to speak with the members of the Rotary Club.

During his speech, Gov. Kasich commended Toledo Mayor Mike Bell for his role in bringing foreign investment to the area. But Kasich's visit did get political, mainly touching on a statement President Obama made about business owner success two weeks ago: "If you've got a business, you didn't build that, somebody else made that happen."

"Government doesn't create jobs, we just improve the environment where businesses feel safer about investing," Gov. Kasich said.

But the president's supporters say he was referring to the American system helping businesses, not undermining owners' success. A member of the "Ohio Small Business Owners for Obama" committee told WNWO after Mitt Romney's "We Did Build This" event in Holland that he agrees with Obama's message.

"I think we built this together. I really believe you don't build anything on your own and when we do things collectively, we take individual efforts and we use them along with the resources that we get from people like mentors and partners, people who have stakes in the things we're trying to get accomplished more than we can separately," said Will Lucas, owner and creator of Creadio, a brand marketing technology firm in Toledo. "I think that's what Obama was trying to say--we're in this thing together."