Government shutdown could affect social security checks

Funding for the federal government will expire midnight Friday unless Republicans and Democrats reach agreement on a spending measure.

Steve Fought, communications director for Toledo Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur , says there could be some uneasiness for people who may have problems with their government benefit checks. "The VA checks and the Social Security checks will keep coming but if anybody has a problem with the VA or social security, and we get those calls all the time there won't be anybody here to answer their question," Mr. Fought said.

During the last federal government shutdown in 1995, over 800,000 federal employees were affected and all of the nation's federal museums and national parks were closed.

Congresswoman Kaptur is in Washington urging leaders to compromise. "Marcy's on the Budget Committee and she has expressed concern to leaders of both parties basically saying let's get down to business," Mr. Fought said.

Bowling Green Republican Congressman Bob Latta spent much of Tuesday in meetings. His office sent out a statement that if the government does shut down he would remain in Washington D.C. until the matter is resolved.