Incumbent councilman may be off primary ballot

If the Lucas County Republican Party has its way, Toledo City Councilman for District 6, Lindsay Webb will not be running for reelection in her council district.

Mark Nowak, a member of the Lucas County Republican Party central commitee submitted to the board of elections a complaint against Ms. Webb, stating that she did not accept her nomination within the five day period prescribed in the Toledo charter section 14, chapter 3.

Included with the complaint is a U.S. Postal Service tracking document that purports to show that Webb received her notification of nomination on July 23, at 2:25 PM. There is nothing on the tracking document that clearly demonstrates the item in question was sent to Webb. There is an item number included on the document.

Read entire complaint and letter.

Webb apparently signed the acceptance of nomination on July 28, five days after receiving it. The time stamp indicating when the board of elections received it indicates it arrived at their office on August 4 -- 12 days after Webb initially received it.

Webb said the matter was a technicality. "I'm not going to let a mere technicality prevent the voters of my district from having a choice for council," Webb said. "The absentee ballots with my name on them are already in the hands of voters."

Mr. Nowak sums up his complaint by asking that the board of elections decertify Ms. Webb as a candidate for Toledo City Council and not print her name on the ballot.