Joe the Plumber back in political spotlight

Joe Wurzelbacher

The world's most infamous handyman, Northwest Ohio's Joe the Plumber, is back in the political spotlight, but for once it's not for something he did or said.

The Republican running mate in Ohio's Governor's race has drawn criticism for claiming federal law was broken in the Joe the Plumber records peeping case.

Lieutenant Governor Candidate Mary Taylor has since retracted the remark. She made it during a Sunday webcast coinciding with a rally for Gov. Ted Strickland and other Democrats featuring the Obamas.

Taylor, the state auditor, sought federal review of actions by a Strickland cabinet member and others accused of misusing state computers to view records of Samuel "Joe" Wurzelbacher.

Wurzelbacher was thrust into the national spotlight during the 2008 Presidential campaign when he criticized then candidate Obama during a stop in Northwest Ohio.