Joe the Plumber talks about lawsuit developments

Joe Wurzelbacher, the Holland, Ohio resident who garnered overnight celebrity status as "Joe the Plumber" after John McCain referenced him in a presidential debate last fall, spoke to NBC 24 News about the latest developments in the federal lawsuit he has pending against three former state employees. Wurzelbacher says it is not right that Ohio taxpayers have to pay the lawyer fees of the three defendants. "An Attorney General's report says that they did wrong, yet the state of Ohio has decided to take money that Ohio doesn't have and try to defend these people," Mr. Wurzelbacher said. Three former members of the Ohio Department of Jobs and Family Services were accused of accessing Wurzelbacher's private information shortly after Joe the Plumber became a household name. Two of the employees resigned and a third was fired. Joe the Plumber is scheduled to appear on "Larry King Live" to talk about former Alaska Governor Sara Palin's new book