Joe the Plumber talks politics to local crowd

A large crowd of concerned citizens filled the ballroom of hotel in downtown Toledo Saturday afternoon.

The event was organized by the Children of Liberty, catered to a more conseravtive crowd and featured a variety of speakers, including "Joe the Plumber."

Joe Wurzelbacher got the crowd on their feet when he talked about the auto industry problems. He old the crowd, "They regulated the hell out of them, I mean they didn't want them to succeed, so it's the federal government that actually killed our auto industry and I'm going to debate that if you don't agree with me...agree with me."

Wurzelbacher, nicknamed "Joe the Plumber", is from Holland and gained worldwide fame during the 2008 presidential campaign when John McCain referenced him in the presidential debates. He also talked to both presidential candidates about the troubles that regular citizens are facing. Since his appearances on national television, he has also written a book and become a local celebrity.