Local businessman released from immigration detention facility

Last month WNWO spoke with Sherry Zheng who told us that her husband and the father of their three young children had been arrested and was facing deportation to China. On Monday morning Mrs. Zheng received a phone call from her husband's attorney saying that Wei Zheng had been granted release from jail pending a hearing in federal court in Cincinnati.

Wei Zheng said that each day of his incarceration was filled with the deep and abiding fear that he would be driven to the airport and sent on a plane with the destination being China. "I was worried about being deported, each day you see a lot of people go, it hurt you know," Mr. Zheng said. Zheng recounted the moment on Monday morning when he learned he was being released. "A corrections officer came to me and said, Zheng pack your stuff and let's go, you're going home," Mr. Zheng said.

Zheng's immigration troubles are far from over and he still faces the possibility of being deported to China. Zheng was denied a green card because an immigration judge had determined that he had made false statements about his immigration status. His case is now in the hands of a three judge panel and Zheng is hoping that the federal appeals court will send his case back to the immigration court.

In the meantime he is focusing on getting his Chinese restaurant re-opened by Thanksgiving weekend. "I miss my customers and I will re-open as soon as possible," Mr. Zheng said.