Local labor unions rally to keep Kasich out of Toledo

Emotions were at the forefront of a rally held at the Lucas County Courthouse, where local labor unions gathered to send one strong message to Governor John Kasich.

The message was to steer clear of Toledo on Friday, when President Obama arrives to take a tour of Chrysler Group's Toledo Supplier Park.

To these workers it's personal and they took the opportunity to disinvite the governor with what they say is good reason.

George Tucker is the executive secretary of Greater Northwest Ohio AFL-CIO union said Kasich was against the loans to the auto indutry that created over 600,000 jobs nationwide. Tucker said the governor should not attend because he didn TMt have a part in the jobs saved and created because of the bailout.

Shortly before the crowd gathered, Kasich's camp responded stating he would not be at the plant on Friday, because the governor had pre-existing plans.

But it didn't stop the group of union workers and city officials from calling the governor out" on what they believe are inconsistencies. Just last month Kasich appeared at the Toledo GM Transmission Plant, and even though he campaigned against government bailouts, Councilman Dean Collins said Kasich spoke as if he played a major role in the salvation of GM, Collins.

The Presidential visit marks Chrysler TMs repayment of the government loan and stimulation to the local economy.