Meet the mayoral hopefuls: Mike Ferner

Mike Ferner. (WNWO/Jim Nelson)

In his second bid to become mayor of Toledo, Mike Ferner is hoping to capitalize on his previous experiences.

Ferner is one of four Toledo mayoral candidates running for at least a second time. In 1993, he finished just 670 behind eventual winner, Carty Finkbeiner. Now, more than 20 years later, Ferner is back in the hunt and hoping to tackle Toledo's issues.

Ready for a series of challenges, Ferner must first rise to the top of a seven-candidate field. "I feel like there's a good crop of candidates," said Ferner.

One of the major challenges in office, according to Ferner, would be the quick turnaround after election day. It could be a matter of just days before the winner takes office. (Mayor D. Michael Collins died while in office in February, just over a year into his term. The winner of the Nov. 3 election will complete his term.)

"I'm looking at it like, what's important to do is get to know administrators I don't already know," said Ferner. "Get to know union people I don't know yet and really communicate with them intensively."

Though he has not held any political office since 1993, Ferner says he was able to make his mark as a city councilman.

On changing the tax abatement formula in Toledo: "So corporations didn't get ten or 20 years free ride, they have to start paying as the years go by. That generated over a ten-year period, about ten million for schools and public agencies that wouldn't have been generated under the old formula."

On the implementation of an energy efficiency program: "We invested a million dollars into city buildings to upgrade HVAC systems and tighten buildings up. That's saved in the time since, 3 or 4 million in utility costs to the city."

As for current issues facing Toledo, Ferner has singled out improving Lake Erie's water and the city's crumbling streets.


NBC 24 and WSPD will host a Toledo Mayoral Debate with all seven mayoral candidates on Thursday, Oct. 22 at 7 p.m. The event is open to the public and will take place at the Eastwood Theater, 817 East Broadway Street in east Toledo. Admission is free.
You can alsowatch the debate #LiveOnNBC24 and online at


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