New year, new laws for Ohio drivers

A number of new laws go into effect Friday, ringing off a new year in Ohio.

The new Toledo law banning texting while driving imposes fines for drivers sending or receiving text messages. Drivers within the city's limits can be ticketed and fined for texting while behind the wheel.

Also poised to take effect is the new headlight law. This requires drivers to turn on their headlights whenever their windshield wipers are in use. Ohioans can be ticketed and fined $100 for failing to turn their lights.

Lt. Anthony Bradshaw of the Ohio State Highway Patrol said the motorists must turn on their headlights "anytime when the windshield wipers of the vehicle are in use because of precipitation," including rain, mist, snow, ice and fog. "You want to make sure people coming down the road can see you," Bradshaw said.

Beginning April 7, booster car seats will be required for children ages 4-7 years, or those under 4'9" tall. Failure to secure these children in booster seats will be a secondary offense and could lead to a $75 fine.