Newlywed Joe the Plumber to run for Congress

Joe "The Plumber" Wurzelbacher / file photo

Joe "The Plumber" Wurzelbacher has a new bride on his arm and he's hoping to carry her across the threshhold of a new Washington, D.C. residence.

Wurzelbacher made official Wednesday what many have long suspected: he's going to run for Congress. An official announcement is forthcoming on October 25 at the original Tony Packo's Cafe and Front and Main streets in east Toledo.

"Good people just have not been stepping up to run in these important races," Wurzelbacher said. "I want to prove that regular people can run, win, and keep their integrity intact."

Wurzelbacher emerged on the national stage during a 2008 campaign appearance by Barack Obama in Toledo when he challenged Obama with a series of questions about his tax proposals.

On October 18, reported that Wurzelbacher married Katie Schanen in Maumee on October 15. On Tuesday, he posted a wedding picture with his new bride on his Facebook page.

Wurlzbacher will file to run in the ninth congressional district. That seat is currently held by Democrat Rep. Marcy Kaptur. As things stand now, Wurlzbacher lives in the ninth congressional district. However, the redistricing passed by the General Assembly places Wurlzbacher's Springfield Twp. home in the fifth congressional district held by Republican Rep. Bob Latta. That map has been held up by a referendum proposal by Ohio Democrats which may delay Ohio's primary election, scheduled for March, until June.

Rep. Kaptur has served as representative for the ninth congressional district since 1983. She has not been seriously challenged for reelection since 1984. In 2010, she defeated former Food Town CEO, Rich Iott by a margin of 59-41 percent.

Steve Fought, a Kaptur spokesman said of the Wurzelbacher candidacy, "His name's not Joe. He's not a plumber. And we're not sure what congressional district he lives in. Other than that, he's the perfect candidate."