No decision in Lindsay Webb ballot controversy

Councilwoman Lindsay Webb / City of Toledo

The Lucas County Board of Elections met today, but did not make a decision regarding Councilwoman Lindsay Webb's status as a candidate. A protest hearing is scheduled for August 24. The board may vote on Webb's status then.

Webb's status as a candidate was challenged by Mark Nowak, a member of the Lucas County Republican Party Central Committee. He presented to the board of elections documents he alleges demonstrate that Webb failed to accept her nomination for reelection within the five days prescribed by the charter of the city of Toledo.

Webb's nomination was mailed to her via certified mail on July 23. It was received by the board of elections on August 5.

Lindsay Webb represents Toledo City Council district six which includes Point Place and north Toledo. She was first elected to city council in 2007 and is completing her first term.

Dan DeAngelis, deputy director of the board of elections confirmed that absentee ballots are currently being mailed to district one residents bearing Webb's name. Webb's name also appears on the ballot at the board of elections early voting center.

Webb did not deny her error in not returning her nomination materials in a timely manner, but said that she would not deny the voters of her district a choice because of a "technicality."