Old Toledo cinema to become new hotels?

After sitting empty for years the old Showcase Cinemas on Secor could now be replaced with a new development.

The building has been sitting empty since 2005 when owners put it up for sale.

Key Hotel and Property Management is interesting in turning the 13 acre plot into a Hampton Inn & Suites and another similar hotel.

At least one city leader is excited about the development.

"Anytime we can get a chance to have development, investment in the neighborhood, sure. So I think we're very positive and hope that it goes along well and according to their plans, brings business to the area. Tax base increases, sure, all those things are positives," said Toledo City Councilman Tom Waniewski.

The idea of development seems like good news but some have expressed concern over the project.

The concern is that there are already a few hotels in that direct area.

Next door is a Ramada Inn and close by is a Comfort Inn. Across the street from the old cinema, a third hotel, The Red Roof Inn.

But Waniewski says he would like to see the plan go forward.

"Let the free market dictate whether it will be successful or not," he said. "The people who are investing in this already own a hotel in North Toledo so I'm going to leave it up to them as experts in deciding how they are going to invest millions and millions of dollars. They're not going to do this unless they know the potential for success is there."

Retail buildings are also in the plan.

Waniewski is holding a public forum Thursday.

He says because of the zoning, the plan does not need a lot of approval but he wants to give residents and opportunity to share their thoughts.

The forum is at 6 the University of Toledo's Discroll Center.