Photo of Mayor Bell taking Jell-O shot goes nationwide

A Bleacher Report columnist calls Toledo Mayor Mike Bell, and 12 other sports fans, 'People Who Tailgate Way Too Hard'.

An up-and-coming sports website and blog is shining the national spotlight on Toledo Mayor Mike Bell.

In a article, published this week, Bell and 12 other sports fans are labeled as "People Who Tailgate Way Too Hard."

The portion of the story featuring Bell shows the incumbent taking a Jell-O shot at a University of Toledo football tailgate earlier this month.

Featured columnist Jessica Isner pokes fun at the independent, again running for the position of Mayor on November 5th, for allowing himself to be photographed while taking part in a little tailgate fun.

Isner also commended Bell, "Taking Jell-O shots in the rain. Now that's dedication to your constituents."

The photo of Bell used in the article was taken by a University of Toledo student and posted on her personal Twitter page.

According to the tally of people who have read the article, posted in the top left corner of the story, more than 22,000 people had seen the article as of Thursday afternoon.