Police, fire unions say they're ready to meet on issues

Toledo police and fire unions said Friday they are ready to meet with Mayor Mike Bell to discuss concessions and give backs as the city tries to close a nearly $50 million budget gap, but that the mayor refuses to meet with them.

Wayne Hartford, the President of the Toledo Firefighters Local 92, and Dan Wagner from the TPPA said they are willing to meet with the Mayor to talk about the proposed cuts, which they say would amount to an average of over $7100 dollars annually per officer.

In a joint statement, Hartford and Wagner said that "rather than attacking police officers and firefighters, the Mayor should sit down and engage in meaningful dialogue."

Meanwhile, Jen Sorgenfrei, a spokeswoman for the mayor's office says their allegation that Mayor Bell won't meet with the unions is "categorically untrue". She says there have been numerous invitations extended for both unions to meet with the mayor, and that some meetings have taken place.