Possible creation of city Dog Advisory Committee

Councilman Joe McNamara and new members Rob Ludeman and Steve Steel say the committee is necessary to address likely changes to the municipal code.

One of the first moves of the latest batch of Toledo City Council members will be to try to establish a Dog Policy Advisory Task Force.

Councilman Joe McNamara and newly sworn-in members Rob Ludeman and Steve Steel agree it is a topic that needs the attention of local experts.

Turns out the already-established Dog Warden Advisory Committee only wants to deal with Lucas County policy.

So if Toledo wants changes to code or additions like dog parks a new group of community volunteers will need to step in to advise.

"I think when you look at making a city more livable and making it a better place to live people who are dog lovers like myself and my wife and our families they look for communities that are friendly towards dogs and are not always against the critters," said Ludeman.

The committee would also look at the city's definition of dangerous dogs and will advise on how to deal with irresponsible pet owners and spay and neuter policy.

"Again, I'm not an expert on it and that's why I would like to see a task force that does have the expertise on it so that we can ensure public safety but also humanely treat pets and animals," said McNamara.

To join the proposed new committee, send a letter of intent to:

Councilman Steve Steel c/o Toledo City Council One Government Center 21st Floor Toledo, OH 43604