Red light fines: Pay up or get the boot

By a vote of 10-2 the Toledo City Council passed a resolution authorizing the Toledo Police Department to tow the cars of people who are delinquent in the payment of red light camera fines.

District 2 councilman D. Michael Collins was one of the ten members of council voting in the affirmative. "It is a fair obligation to the taxpayers of the city that those who owe the city money be paying the money back," Mr. Collins said.

Councilwoman Lindsey Webb joined Rob Ludeman in the dissenting vote. "I'm still in favor of the red light cameras, I'm just not sure in our rush to collect the revenue that we have fully thought through all the issues," Ms. Webb said.

The resolution becomes law thirty days after it is signed by Mayor Mike Bell who is expected to do so this week. Toledo Police officers will then be able to tow or boot cars after two outstanding fines.