Springfield, Contrada winners after votes recounted

A recount is complete and winners have been declared after tight races in this year's General Election.

Election officials began recounting ballots on Tuesday in the County Commissioner's race between Carol Contrada (D) and George Sarantou (R). The republican was declared the winner after the Nov. 2 election; however, officials later said provisional ballots pushed Contrada ahead.

After a recount, Contrada has been declared the winner with 69,773 votes to Sarantou's 69,580 votes.

Votes were also recounted for a Springfield Local Schools levy request. The measure had failed after the General Election vote count; however, Tuesday's recount brought the finals numbers to 5,632 for the levy and 5,577 against.

With the passing of the levy, Springfield will be able to save extra-curriculars and transportation for some students.