Texting ban difficult to enforce

Some law enforcement officers in Ohio say they're concerned about the difficulty of enforcing atexting-while-driving ban if such a measure becomes state law.

The Ohio House has approved a bill that would make it a misdemeanor to write, read or send text messages while driving.

Lima police Chief Kevin Martin tells the Lima News it could be tough to prove in court that a driver was texting when an officer spotted the violation.

Auglaize County Sheriff Al Solomon says it also may be difficult to determine whether a person holding a cell phone is texting.

Lima's law director says police likely would need a search warrant to analyze a driver's phone. He says the issue would be how much time authorities want to devote to prosecuting the minor violation.

If difficult to enforce, will this law stop you from texting while you drive? How do you feel about police possibly getting a search warrant for your phone? Is this an invasion of privacy? Join the conversation on Facebook and in our comment section.