Toledo man calls NBC24 for help with possible sinkhole

Al Johnson called NBC24 after he says his daughter wasn TMt getting any help from the City of Toledo.

He was concerned because his daughter TMs son fell through the ground Wednesday right along the curb on Parkside near Dorr in West Toledo. However, he had a sinking suspicion that a dip in the road just a few feet away was related to the incident. He told his daughter to call the city TMs pothole number. The city said they would send someone out. They didn't and he feared it could take a week or two. So, Johnson also decided to call NBC24.

We came out and realized Al's concerns were a reality. We called the city TMs hotline and the Mayor TMs office. Someone from the water division was dispatched immediately. When they arrived they told us it looked like it may be a sewer cave in. They called the sewer division and barricaded the hole and dip in the road with barrels. They estimate that it will be fixed by the end of the week. We will keep you posted.

Meantime, Al says he knew he did one thing right, "I said, let me call 24, got it right here in my phone. So, at least you guys are right on the ball."