Voters to decide school levy requests on Nov. 2

Two cash strapped school districts are pinning their hopes on the successful passage of levy requests on the November 2 ballot.

Voters in the Toledo Public School District are being asked to support Issue 5, a 7.8 mill property tax request that would generate over $21 million for the district annually. It would cost an additional $200 a year for someone who owns a $100,000 home.

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Bob Vasquez, President of Toledo Public Schools Board of Education says the stakes are high. "If the levy does not pass, we will have to make additional cuts and those cuts will be severe, involving school closings," Mr. Vasquez said.

In Holland, a similarly dire situation is playing out in the Springfield Local Schools District. The decline of property values has seen the district's revenue fall by $2 million, requiring the need to ask voters to approve a 3.8 mill levy request according to Superintendent Kathryn Hott. "We've made a lot of cuts before we went on the ballot and unfortunately at this time there isn't any place else to go," Superintendent Hott said. Mrs. Hott adds that should the levy fail all high school transportation to and from school would be eliminated and further teachers could be laid off.