Watch entire NBC 24/WSPD Toledo Mayoral Debate

Toledo mayoral candidates (clockwise from top left): Sandy Spang, Paula Hicks-Hudson, Sandy Drabik Collins, Opal Covey, Mike Ferner, Mike Bell, and Carty Finkbeiner. (WNWO)

In just one week, Toledo voters will elect a mayor to finish the term of Mayor D. Michael Collins. With more than a handful of candidates vying for the seat, including the late mayor's widow and two former heads of city, every vote will count.

On Oct. 22, NBC 24 and WSPD gathered each of the seven Toledo mayoral candidates together for a debate of the issues facing the city of Toledo.

Candidates fielding questions from moderators Jim Blue and Fred LeFebvre included former Toledo mayors Carty Finkbeiner and Mike Bell, past mayoral candidate Mike Ferner, Toledo City Councilwoman Sandy Spang, incumbent Mayor Paula Hicks-Hudson, widow of late Mayor Collins Sandy Drabik Collins, and perennial candidate Opal Covey.

Among the issues discussed at the live, televised debate: Toledo water, road repairs, the Marina District, education, millennials, and Toledo's mayor having the right temperament.

The two-hour debate was held in front of a live audience at the Eastwood Theater in east Toledo.

You can watch the entire debate and hear from all seven candidates in the videos on this page.


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Meet the mayoral hopefuls: Mike Bell
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Meet the mayoral hopefuls: Opal Covey
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Meet the mayoral hopefuls: Sandy Spang

NBC 24 has extended an invitation to Carty Finkbeiner to participate in the mayoral candidate profile series. After Mr. Finkbeiner canceled his scheduled interview with NBC 24, the station is working to re-schedule an interview with the candidate.

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