Webb hearing delayed by appeals court

Councilwoman Lindsay Webb / courtesy City of Toledo

The Sixth District Court of Appeals has blocked a board of elections hearing and challenge to the candidacy of Lindsay Webb, councilwoman for Toledo City Council's sixth district.

Webb and her attorney, Keith Wilkowski, asked the court to block that hearing, which was scheduled for Monday at 1:00 PM. Webb contends that the Charter of the City of Toledo which requires that each candidate accept the nomination five days after being informed by the board of elections that they have met the requirements only requires substantial compliance. Webb's acceptance of her nomination arrived at the board of elections 12 days after she was notified.

Meanwhile, Webb is challenging her challenger by claiming he violated a deadline as well. According to Webb, her primary opponent, Douglas DeCamp, missed the deadline to file a complaint with the board of elections.

The court ordered the board of elections to respond to Webb's arguments. The board has until 4:00 Monday to make its argument.

Is it logicial for Webb to claim that one deadline does not require absolute compliance while another does? Should Webb be allowed on the ballot even though she missed the deadline to accept the nomination?