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Robert Easter Jr. surprises students with visit, t-shirts

Robert Easter Jr. hands out t-shirts to kids who wrote him letters (

Toledo, Ohio (WNWO)--Robert Easter Junior made a visit to some local young fans today who wrote him nearly 100 letters.

It was all the idea of Officer Annette McClair,with the Toledo Board of Education Police Department, who teaches poetry and creative writing for Brains and Bodies summer youth program along with her daughter, nurse and teacher's assistant Amber McClair,

To sharpen their student's writing skills, the teacher's decided to have the students write letters to boxing world champ Robert Easter Jr.

The 85 plus kids wrote the letters and put them into a book. Officer McClair and Amber delivered it to the champ and he was so touched by the book he decided to pay a visit.

During an award ceremony for Brains and Body the strive program spearheaded by Officer Flo Wormerly, Toledo police department and others were there to congratulate the students for their hard work this summer.

All while this was happening Easter Junior spoke some inspiring words and handed out T-shirts for the students who had written him letters.

He was also honored with a medal and certificate.

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