Hydrafacials at MK Beauty

Wellness is not just about fitness and eating right. It's about taking care of your mind and body as well.

MK Beauty on West Sylvania Avenue in Toledo in taking care of your outside and inside. They have many skincare services to keep you looking and feeling your best.

Hydrafacials are one of the hottest new skincare treatments.

“I think it's newer to this area and the reason I think it is becoming so popular is because when you get one done, you see the results right away,” Medical Aesthetician Katie Albaugh-Borton said. “You have the healthy glow, no irritation, no down time- it’s also great because it treats everything from acne to hyperpigmentation- brown spots on the skin.

Rachel Boyer is an new client who is very happy with how her skin has been looking.

“I’ve had amazing results. It's cleared up my skin a whole lot. My family and friends have noticed a difference.

Andrea Stipe is another satisfied client.

“It just made my skin look younger, and fresher, and honestly made it feel better... I really felt like I had a whole fresh face when I came out of the hydra facial.”

Albaugh-Borton says the first step is a deep cleanse and exfoliation. It’s similar to microdermabrasion, but referred to as hyrodermabrasion- a deep cleanse using water. The next steps are with other solutions to treat the skin and essentially vacuum out its impurities.

“You can see what actually comes out of your face- but it’s better to be out of your face than in your face right?” Stipe said giggling.

Stipe added that the process doesn’t’ hurt at all. While some skin treatments can be painful, Stipe say a hydrafacial is super relaxing. Boyer says while the treaments are relaxing, they are also very effective. Boyer said she no longer needs to see a dermatologist.

Owner of MK Beauty, Megan Kabour, said helping others look and feel their best is what motivated her to open the medical spa.

“Our goal is when you look better you feel better,” she said. “And essentially you will live better. Our goal is to have an upscale medical spa. We thrive and are very passionate about our affordability for our patients but also quality of services they're getting.

MK Beauty is located at

7640 W. Sylvania Ave.

Suite N

Sylvania, OH 43560

Click here to learn more about the services and hours. Click here to visit them on Facebook.

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