Wellness Wednesday: 9 Round

Wellness Wednesday: 9 Round (WNWO)

Another fairly new option in the Toledo area to get fit and stay in shape. For a high calorie burn, in a short period of time, and on your time you might want to check out 9 round fitness in Maumee.

"It's definitely put me into shape.” Member Kelly Franks said. “Made me more toned, and gave me more muscle definition.”

“It's really built for busy people.” Owner Steve Richie said. “It's a 30 minute workout. So you're in and out in just 30 minutes. We're so busy in our lives today, we really need that.”

Steve Richie left 25 years in the corporate world to open his own business. 9 round on Reynolds in Maumee is aptly named for its nine stations. You spend three minutes on each round.

“We jokingly say it's the quickest three minutes of your day and the longest three minutes of your life.”

All throughout the workout, your heart rate is being monitored.

“It's a full body workout but it's also a stress reliever.” Member Krystal Kucera said.

In just a half hour, Richie said you work out every part of your body and can burn 500 calories.

“Anybody can do this. my oldest member is 72 years old. My youngest is ten. This is for anybody at any fitness level. You can push yourself in here or you can go as slow as you need to if you're not in great shape- we're here to help you- we offer a nutrition plan that comes with everything.”

The rounds change each time you go, to keep things interesting and burn more calories.

And since each round starts every three minutes, you can show up whenever 9 round is open.

Click here for more information and the 9 round in Maumee schedule.

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