Wellness Wednesday: Powerlifting Nutrition


A Sylvania family- the Nostrants- spend hours in the gym for powerlifting competitions, but they say the time spent in the kitchen is equally important.

Candi Nostrant loves challenging her body in the gym. She’s a power-lifting champion. But she’s also strict in the kitchen. Her husband Doug, who also helps coach her in the gym, also helps with meal planning.

“Nutrition is key. You can train, but it has to be all three parts,” Doug Nostrant said.

“You need to train hard, you need to eat right and you need to rest properly. And you can't have success unless you have all three parts of those and they all have to be working collectively.”

Proper nutrition, for those leading busy lives, can mean eating a lot of the same things.

“W have virtually the same thing every morning, same mid-day meal, the same afternoon snacks, the same dinner-might drive our daughter a little crazy-but again, it's consistency, over a period of time. [It’s] the same thing in the weight room, the same thing in the kitchen, the same thing with your rest. You just need to be consistent.”

There are food staples. The Nostrants go through a lot of chicken, eggs, rice, and almond milk. They also use coconut oil for cooking and eat plenty of greens. Yogurt and a variety of nuts are great on the go for snacking. And Doug also said to keep an eye on food portions.

They also kepp a lot of supplements. Fish oil is a great source of omegas, which is great for joints.

The Nostrants will splurge from time to time, but overall, advise trying to get away from eating for enjoyment, and move to eating for fuel.

Learn more about their powerlifting training by clicking here.

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