Health concern breaks BGSU baseball players heart

Andrew Kuns coaches his fellow BGSU teammates.

Andrew Kuns was one of the 6.1% of high school baseball players who have the talent to play at the collegiate level.

In fact, as a freshman, he started ten games as a designated hitter or first baseman.

His sophmore year was cut short due to injury after just eight games.

In 2012, he was back on the field and started 23 of 31 games, batting .256 with an on-base percentage of .363.

However, things changed in a hurry when he passed out in practice. He was diagnosed with Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia, a conditiion that causes his heart rate to accelerate at a faster pace than normal. The doctor told him he could no longer player baseball.

Despite the diagnosis, Kuns retains his scholarship and is an assistant coach.