Koger, Wolverines visit Toledo

Whitmer alum Kevin Koger and four of his Michigan teammates were in Toledo on Sunday, signing autographs at the Westfield Mall.

Koger was joined by fellow seniors Ryan Van Bergen, David Molk, Martavious Odoms and Mike Martin. The senior described the feeling of signing autographs at a mall that he always used to visit as "surreal." He also shared a story of when he was a child waiting for autographs of his favorite players.

"My father took my brother and I to Lions training camp...we always tease my mom because she could've got Barry Sanders autograph and she didn't have a pen on her. We were like "mom, why didn't you have a pen!"" Koger said with a smile.

Koger is hoping to continue his career in the pros.

"Next step is pro day on March 15th, so I've been getting ready for that."