UT's Larimer renovation ready to launch

TOLEDOâ??Toledo football has gotten a facelift; close to $5.5 million and 10,000 square feet have been added to the 23 year-old Larimer Athletic Complex.

"It supports the vision of who we are and what we've said but I also think it supports the vision of the university,â?? said Toledo head football coach Matt Campbell.

"This building had such a bland appeal when you walked in the front doorâ?¦ a sunken entry, now you have a wow factor, you've got a two story space with all the graphics,â?? said Jason Toth, Associate Vice President of Facilities and Construction for the University of Toledo.

Larimer is now a state of the art prize for not just Toledo football, but also for the university.

"Look at their vision and bring it all together and make that vision a reality. Do something special for our student athletes and for the future of our university,â?? added Toth.

Improvements and enhancements include a brand new players lounge and locker room, a remodeled weight room that has tripled in size, an expanded rocket academic center for student athletes and an exciting new field entrance for the rocket football team.

"It's almost like a rebirth with the Toledo Rocket football program. Not only being able to showcase the tradition of this program but also to create some newness,â?? said Campbell.

By the time players report for practice Monday, the finishing touches will be complete for all of Rocket nation to enjoy.

"I really look forward to this weekend when they get back on campus and to give the opportunity and give them the same tour that I gave you guys. I think they're going to be really excited about that and hopefully excited to start this football season."

Toledo opens it's season Saturday August 30 against New Hampshire. Game time set for 7:00pm.