Armless man pitches for inspiration

To meet Tom Willis, is to meet someone unforgettable. You see Tom has no arms, and no hands, but that's no problem. For even he was born without arms, he can still do many things, like throw a baseball.

In fact, this summer, Tom, is on a campaign he calls "Pitch for Awareness" making his way around various major league ballparks to throw out the first pitch of the game. Using his foot, Tom manages, with great skill, speed and accuracy to throw the balls from the pitcher's mound to home plate.

This past weekend, it was the crowd in Cincinnati who were are amazed at Tom's abilities, and impressed with his major league attitude. "The message I try to get across is, you need to take what life gives you " adapt and overcome," Willis said. "If something gets in your way, find a way through it, around it, over it, underneath it; whatever it takes, but get past it and keep moving on with your life."

Willis has already thrown the first pitch in Cleveland and Detroit this summer.

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