"Beckman to...." is just starting

It's that time of year again.

I don't mean that time of year between Thanksgiving and Christmas when your wife won't stop yelling at you to put the Christmas lights up. Although, it is that time of year too.

No, it's time for anyone with a column, blog, twitter account or an attentive lap dog to start speculating on who will be the next coach at fill-in-the-blank university.

I had a gentleman from a media outlet in New Mexico call me three weeks ago asking if I thought Toledo's Tim Beckman had any interest in coaching the Lobos.

I said no andNew Mexico eventually hired former Notre Dame head coach, Bob Davie. I got one right.

Now, the Chicago Tribune has gone to print with an article concerning the Illinois opening.

Coach Beckman is one of three name's mentioned in the article.

It probably won't be the last time Beckman's name will be brought up in the next few weeks and that includes at home with his wife, who will undoubtedly want him to put up those Christmas lights.

I'm guessing I get that one right too.