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      BGSU hosts charity sled hockey game

      Sled hockey players faced-off at Bowling Green State University on Sunday, in a charity game to raise awareness for one of the hottest games on ice for individuals with disabilities.

      The BGSU Falcons hockey team laced up not their skates, but their sleds to take on the Toledo Walleye Sled Hockey team at the universityâ??s Ice Arena. The game marked Walleye Sled Hockeyâ??s final contest in the teamâ??s first full season. The eventâ??s goal was to raise money to continue the growth of the sled hockey program, which is operated by Adaptive Sports Program of Ohio.

      Warren Craig, of the Walleye Sled Hockey team, first suited up to play sled hockey four years ago. As an experienced veteran, he says the sport gives him a unique opportunity to overcome his disability.

      â??The most appealing thing about it is that we are able to get out there and move quickly on the ice,â?? said Craig. He continued, â??It offers us a level of freedom that we donâ??t actually have outside the ice, being able to move that freely.â??

      The Falcons did have a tough start adjusting to sled hockey, but played the Walleye to a 4-4 tie.

      â??Itâ??s good to get out here and try something with a little adversity to it, itâ??s a good challenge,â?? said Falcons forward Ben Murphy. He continued, â??I think we did alright, I mean, those guys are good.â??

      North Baltimore Eagles Fraternal Order presented ASPO with a $1,000 donation check during a pre-game ceremony. Proceeds from the event will benefit the Toledo Walleye Sled Hockey team.