Dodge, duck, dip, dive and dodgeâ?¦high airline fares

Dodgeballs set in place before a game

The Toledo Express Airport and Allegiantâ??s â??Dodge High Faresâ?? charity dodgeball tournament was held at The Huntington Center Thursday.

Over 200 people participated in the tournament with 22 teams competing.

Before the tournament began, Ed Prentiss of the National Dodgeball League explained all of the rules to the players. â??Weâ??ve got a 50-page rule book, but this is a charity event, so we will keep it simple.â??

Prentiss explained, â??It is basic school-ground dodgeball, maybe like what you have seen on television before, six-on-six. If you get hit you are out, catch a ball a teammate comes back in from the sidelines.â??

After the rules, players warmed up, practiced the rules and the tournament began. Some teams came for the competition, some came for fun and some came for both.

Travis Zunk, a team member for â??Bay Lifeâ?? found out about the tournament on Twitter and decided to round up some co-workers. â??I just grabbed some people from work," Zunk said. "Everybody happened to want to get back into dodgeball. From high school, nobody has played since then, so we are going to try to rekindle that old flame and see what happens.â??

The team â??The Hunger Games" participated not only to compete, but to spread a message. Team member, Alana Hatcher, said, â??We are here to support the Toledo Northwest Ohio Food Bank. By being here, we are bringing a little bit of awareness to thatâ?¦it will be fun to get out there and compete against other people for a good cause and try to win.â??

All proceeds from the tournament go to Northwest Ohio charities determined by the winning team.