Game day at Fifth Third Field: Hot dog racing

As morning melts into the afternoon, the scoreboard turns on and Fifth Third Field's doors open for another day at the ballpark. Video Screen Operator, Mike Ramirez says he comes in four to five hours before every home game. "A lot of our stuff is preparing for the stats and entertainment for the evening. Every morning we come in and download this stat package and once we get that it's actually the lifeblood of the system. It brings up every single player from our team, every single player for their team and then we can also view all of the stats and what they've done thus far in the year." He is also in charge of the Mud Hens players' walk-up music. "In my years experience we're the first ones to get blamed when they don't bat well." And at Fifth Third Field, the hot dog races on the screen are not always chosen by the video screen operators. Ramirez says that some days they will make their decision by asking kids coming into the ballpark what hot dog they think will win. Mike Ramirez believes that the video operators have the most fun in the park. "We get paid to watch baseball, we try not to tell too many people that, but it's fun and we really enjoy it."