Game Time! (1-5-12)

It's Thursday and that means Game Time!

Eric Haubert and Andre Savage are back with the first Game Time of 2012.This Thursday's three points:

#1 - And the State Champ is...

We start 2012 with Dre's thoughts on which local team has the best chance to win a state title in 2012.

#2 - Big Buford Update

Libbey alum, William Buford and the Ohio State Buckeyes are one of the best teams in the country. Buford, the lone senior on the team, is second in scoring behind Jared Sullinger. Is the Toledo product where he should be at this point in the season?

#3 - Hero to Villain to Hero?

Lebron James was a hero in Cleveland but last year a villain in Miami. Now, he's engaged to the mother of his kids and working to better his image. Is he a hero again?

((pictures and video courtesy: ESPN, AP, FOX))