Game Time! (1/12/12)

It's Game Time!

Eric Haubert and Andre Savage set up and knock down their three points as they do every week.

This week:

Point #1 - Pressure Pick

Last week 'Dre picked the Rogers boys to have the best shot at a state title run among the big schools in our area. The Rams then went out and beat Bowsher and needed a buzzer beater to defeat a winless St. Francis team. Are they starting to feel the pressure of a Savvy pick?

Point #2 - Uh-Oh(i-o)!

Last week we talked William Buford. This week, his 5th-ranked Buckeyes lost to an un-ranked Illinois squad putting OSU in the middle of the Big 10 pack. Is this the start of things snowballing in the wrong direction?

Point #3 - Making a Point(s)?

The Rogers girl's basketball team beat an opponent 105-19 recently. What coaching point are you trying to make with an 86-point win?