Game Time! (12/15/11)

It's Game Time!

Eric Haubert and Andre Savage setting up and knocking down their weekly three points in he final Game Time of 2011.

This week:

Point #1 - Loving vs Hayes Part I

Whitmer's Nigel Hayes and St. John's Marc Loving met on the court for the first time this season last week. Loving had 25 points, Hayes had a double-double. Andre said they didn't have a great game. Does he still believe that?

Point #2 - Miller vs Cullop

Andre is the proud father of a beautiful daughter. Let's say she's a good basketball player and BG's Curt Miller and UT's Tricia Cullop come recruiting. Who do you pick?

Point #3 - Crosstown Basketbrawl

Last weekend's Cincinnati - Xavier basketball game ended in one of the worst brawls in college basketball history. In the post game press conference, a Xavier player said his team was 'a bunch of gangsters'. What do you make of this?