Game Time! (2/2/12)

It's Game Time!

Eric Haubert and Andre Savage setting up and knocking down their weekly three points.

Here's this week's points:


Competitive Balance

Recently BGSU women's basketball coach Curt Miller, suffered a stroke towards the end of a game. He has not returned to the bench since. We also know about urban meyer's health issues. Will these A-Type personalitites be able to find a happy medium between calm and intensity?


Saturday Nightâ??s All right

We heard Dre talk about this last week on Game Time and the Friday Night Frenzy; St. John's at Rogers this Saturday night, Who's the winner?


Pick a Winner

While Dre is making picks, we step out of our comfort zone for a moment. It's the most-watched TV event in the world, the Super Bowl. Giants vs Patriots...and the winner is?