Getting course up to par for Marathon Classic

Highland Meadows grounds crew getting course ready for Marathon Classic

Highland Meadows Golf Course Superintendent Dan Salois and his grounds crew have had their work cut out for them this week getting the course ready for the 2013 Marathon Classic.

Last week's severe thunderstorms created more work for Salois and his crew. The storms caused the course to be extremely saturated making it difficult for the Highland Meadows' ground crew to do their normal daily maintenance. The soggy and wet conditions has made it tough for the grounds crew to stage the course. But Salois explained the sunny weather the past few days has helped firm up the greens, and with a few more days of sunshine believes the course should be ready to go for the LPGA event come Monday.

The Marathon Classic will be at the Highland Meadows Golf Club July 15-21 with first round action starting Thursday, July 18.