Helping Hens

Miracle League of Northwest Ohio with the Mud Hens (back row)

Baseball is all about tradition, and the Toledo Mud Hens kept alive one of their best events on Sunday.

Members of the Hens took part in a game with the kids of the Miracle League of Northwest Ohio at Brentwood Park in Northwood. The field is made of a special turf that allows for any child to play their favorite game, including those with mobility challenges. This is the fourth year in a row they have held such an event.

"Back in 2006, when we started the league, the Mud Hens were one of the first organizations that we talked to...ever since then, every year the Mud Hens have participated with us in some way, shape or form," said Jeff Barton, president of the Miracle League of Northwest Ohio.

Pitchers Rob Waite, Darin Downs, Adam Wilk and Thad Weber represented the Mud Hens as each kid in attendance got a chance to take a swing at a pitch.

"It's really awesome...this is my third year doing Miracle League and I don't think I enjoy anything more than to come out here and spend time with these kids," Weber said.

On June 10th, the league wraps up their spring season. They'll resume play on September 9th.