Highland Meadows preps for Marathon Classic

SYLVANIA, OH- In five short days Highland Meadows Golf Club will transform from ordinary to extraordinary. Things donâ??t just get that way overnight. The transformation wouldnâ??t be possible without the people behind the scenes.

"They've been here for two weeks now, building, so they've got till Sunday, so we're getting there," says Sandy White, Director of Operations for the Marathon Classic.

"We just keep moving along, we just move real fast, said William Kurtz of Sports America. â??We work long hours just to get it done.â??

This year crews are working even harder to give fans the best experience possible with two new ways to catch the action.

"We actually added another set of bleachers on the first hole this year, so we have added more because we are expecting bigger crowds this year," says White.

â??We also are doing a party deck on fourteen... Labatt Royale Party Deck where people can buy tickets for fifty dollars and it's right on the fourteenth green... it's kind of a party atmosphere out there. They have caddy races and the players throw things, gifts up into the stands. "

With the growing popularity of womenâ??s golf, the Marathon Classic is no longer just a local event; itâ??s truly an international affair.

"It's televised all around the world so everybody can see Toledoâ?¦ Sylvania, Ohio for one weekend, so it's pretty cool that we get to showcase our little piece of the world to everybody else. "