Local ties to 'Gibsonburg'

Bob Mahaffey (left), Jonathon Kimbel (right)

Everyone loves the underdog...or so the saying goes. If that's the case then the film 'Gibsonburg' should be a big hit.

The film, based on the Golden Bears baseball team's improbable 2005 state title run, is currently in post-production in Dublin, Ohio. Not only is the film based on a local school, but their are local ties behind the scenes as well.

Director Bob Mahaffey is a graduate of Elmwood high school and film editors Jonathon Kimble and Casey Smith are 2007 graduates of Maumee Valley Country Day School. Combined with another editor, Tom Sanders, the three men are currently living and working in an apartment just outside of Columbus, in order to get all scenes edited by February 1st.

"Cramming three twenty something in [an apartment] can be a little hard...but we have the luxury of working towards a goal we're extremely passionate about," Kimble said. "We're going through the painstaking task of trimming scenes up and making changes that may not be very noticeable but in the end are felt by the audience."

All three editors are graduates of the Savannah College of Art and Design and Casey and Jon have already collaborated together.

"Hardly a year out of film school the two of us worked on our own film, same length as this, called 'Imminence'...even with the small budget this has, we even had...a drastically smaller budget. Because it's so easy to get technology and it's kind of the do it yourself age with this whole medium...we've been very ambitious in terms of what we'd like to accomplish," Kimble said.

After the editing is finished only three major steps remain: sound mixing, color correction, and adding a music score, which will be provided by award-winning composer Kelly Bryarly. If all goes well, Mahaffey hopes the film will be ready for a summer release and 2.5% of the film's profits will go to the Gibsonburg baseball program.