Make it three in a row for the Mud Hens

Mud Hens 2nd baseman Brandon Inge signs autographs after Thursday's game

"We won a game yesterday, if we win one today that's two in a row. If we win one tomorrow that's called a winning streak, it has happened before," - Lou Brown

That quote comes from the film Major League II, and it perfectly describes the recent stretch for the Toledo Mud Hens.

The Hens used a strong 2nd inning, for the second night in a row, to top Louisville 8-1. Brad Eldred started things off with 2-run home run to right center, his third of the year, and Toledo never looked back.

"You knew we were going to bust out at some feels real good going into, eight game road trip with an offensive game like we had tonight," said Matt Young, who went 2-4 with a double, triple and two RBI.

Thursday was the end of the Hens season opening homestand and it was also the end of Brandon Inge's rehab assignment in the Glass City.

"I always like coming down [here], it's fun but also good to get back [to Detroit]. Coming down here was just basically a tester to make sure that I was ready to go for up there in the big leagues, so, obviously it's working," said Inge, who is recovering from a sprained groin.

The second baseman stuck around after the game to sign autographs for fans. He was the last player to leave the field.